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Creative Squad

The creative squad is a group of artists, who work together with the dev team and give direct feedback on everything that is currently being worked on before it is shown to the public. Members can also bring in new ideas for content that is planned.


Streamers, Youtubers and communities can apply for a partnership and get early access to new development updates before they get released to the public, get to vote on game content and get access to previews of what is currently being worked on.
As the development of “Draconia” progresses we will add more perks and rewards, such as in-game items like skins or other decorative items, that will be handed out to the content creators as well as their communities.
These items will be specifically tailored to the partners theme, which allows fans to show their support not only on the web, but also in-game.

Outstanding Community Members

Community members, who stand out from the crowd by being exceptionally helpful and supportive towards others and the team will be granted a special role that grants them access to all the perks of the “Creative Squad” and “Partner” roles.
We aim to create a community that is built on positivity, which makes new members feel welcome and long term members feel at home.
Members, who constantly work on this should be rewarded for their support.


There are no jobs available at this time.

How do I apply?
Simply join our Discord server and DM the Project Lead.
What you have to include in your message: Tell us something about yourself and your channel or art why you want to get involved and add at least one link to your channel or art website.

Link to our Discord: