Important: Everything is subject to change and therefore not entirely set in stone. Some things might change, if we run into technical problems.

Game and Development

What is Draconia?
Draconia is a dragon survival game with RPG elements, where you play as the dragon.

Which engine are you using?
We are using Unreal Engine 4.

For how long have you been working on this game so far?
We started working on the project in early 2016, but we took some time to work on the foundation of the game, which includes concepts, ideas, lore and mechanics. Active development in-engine started in 2019.

Is Draconia an MMO?
We are aiming for a player count of 60 players per official server, but private server hosts can increase this number. 60 is rather low compared to most known MMO’s, however it might still fall under this category for a lot of people.

When is the game coming out?
We’re aiming for early 2022, however we aim to bring you a quality product, and as such the date is not set in stone.

Can I help test the game before release?
By supporting us on Patreon, you can gain access to a pre-release version, available sometime in 2021, where you can help us test performance and find bugs as we develop the game further.

What platform will I be able to play the game on?
There might be Linux/MacOS support in the future, but for now it will be Windows only. No console support planned as of right now.

Where will I be able to buy the game?
We will launch on Steam. If you’re interested, you can wishlist us right now!

What will the price be?
We’re aiming for $25-$35, depending on the contents of the finished product. With current development plans, most probable price is $30.


How many playable characters will be in the game?
There are currently 7 playable species planned: 6 dragons – Wyvern, European Dragon, Eastern Dragon, Quetzalcoatl, Behemoth, Lindworm; and a Griffin, courtesy of a generous backer.  There will also be 3 wildlife species: The Kirin, the Golems and the Stoneback (dragon turtle). We may add more as development progresses.

Will I be able to have multiple creatures on a single server?
You will be able to have multiple save slots for various creatures, but their quantity may depend on the server you will be playing on.

How many maps are there and will there be more in the future?
We are currently working on one map, which will contain all the story relevant parts of the game, but we may or may not work on additional maps after full release.

Will the dragons be able to breathe fire?
Of course! But not all species. Each dragon species will have their own element.

Will there be different colors depending on which dragon species you are?
We will have a character customization system that allows you to change the colors and certain body parts of your dragon.

Will there be different biomes?
The main map will be heavily based on ancient and modern Iceland. There will be dense forest areas, mountains, open plains and special story relevant biomes.

Will there be caves?
Cave systems are planned and will contain resources unique to them.

Will there be some sort of territory system?
There will be safe zones, which will also work as nesting grounds. Players will have to claim them and they will have to do some work to keep them secure.

Will players have their own dens?
Dens are on the to-do list!

Will there be a level system and how will it work?
Yes. You will gain exp by gathering resources, creating items, completing quests and killing enemies and wildlife. Your dragon will also grow with each level and get stronger.

Will there be destructible terrain, like rocks and trees?
We might add destructible objects later at some point. However these are very performance intensive, so we try to avoid them.

Will there be hoards and how will they be made?
There will be and you will need to gather a couple of resources to make one. After creating one you will have the option to upgrade it in two different ways: Increase its camouflage or make it more resistant to attacks, since they will be destructible. However, this is just the most basic storage system we have planned so far.

What will combat be like?
Each dragon will have a specific ability that will be helpful in combat and make your or your friends dragon life easier.
Every species will have its strengths and weaknesses, but we are trying to keep the characters balanced, e.g. Flying dragons will have a hard time to kill a Behemoth with ranged attacks. Hunting will depend on what animal you are trying to have for dinner. Not every creature will flee, if you attack it.

Is there PvP?
Yes, however it is not mandatory. You will be able to opt-in to PvP if you’re interested in fighting other players.

Will players be able to play as babies?
You will start as a young dragon/hatchling and grow with each level.

Can you carry objects?
Players will be able to loot food from corpses. We may add a feature that allows you to carry carcasses and even hatchlings.

Will there be nesting and what will it be like?
We are heavily working on the nesting mechanic, to make it challenging, but also fun. However, if you do everything right, you will have a new dragon hatchling as your follower.

Will there be controller support?
The current build has partial controller support, but we may have to remove it and re-add it at a later date

Support or Contact Us

I like this project, how can I support it?
We have a Patreon! Lower tiers are meant for those who want to support us monthly, while the higher ones are meant as one-time payments, analogous to the perks from the now finished Indiegogo campaign.

You can also wishlist the game on Steam, which helps to show there is interest for it!

I can’t find an answer to my question, what can I do?
The best way is to ask us directly! We have a #questions channel on our Discord server, where we and the community will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Where can I find more information about the game?
We post Dev Blogs with updates on the development! Additionally, small texture, model and animation updates are put in the #announcements on our Discord.