Important: Everything is subject to change and therefor not entirely set in stone. Some things might change, if we run into technical problems.

What is Draconia?
Draconia is a dragon survival game with RPG elements, where you play as the dragon.

Which engine are you using?
We are using Unreal Engine 4.

For how long have you been working on this game so far?
We started working on the project in early 2016, but spent a large portion of the following 1.5 years working on the foundation of the game, which includes concepts, ideas, lore and mechanics.

How many playable characters will be in the game?
So far 6 dragon species: Wyvern, European Dragon, Eastern Dragon, Quetzalcoatl, Behemoth, Lindworm and 2 wildlife species: The Kirin and the Stoneback (dragon turtle), but we might add more later down the road. Right now we want to focus on the game play and mechanics.

How many maps are there and will there be more in the future?
We are currently working on one map, which will contain all the story relevant parts of the game, but we may or may not work on additional maps after full release.

Will the dragons be able to breathe fire?
Of course! But not all species.
Each dragon species will have their own element.

Will there be different colors depending on which dragon species you are?
We will have a character customization system that allows you to change the colors and certain body parts of your dragon. However we may or may not limit the amount of available colors to prevent players from using immersion-breaking colors such as pink or neon green.

Will there be different biomes?

The main map will be heavily based on ancient and modern Iceland. There will be a dense forest areas, mountains, open plains and story special story relevant biomes.

Will there be caves?
Cave systems are planned and they will contain resources, which can only be found there.

Will there be some sort of territory system?
There will be safe zones, which will also work as nesting grounds. Players will have to claim them and they will have to do some work to keep them secure.

Will players have their own dens?
Dens are on the to-do list!

Will there be a level system and how will it work?
Yes there will be. You will gain exp by gathering resources, creating items, completing quests and killing enemies and wildlife. Your dragon will also grow with each level and get stronger.

Will there be destructible terrain, like rocks and trees?
We might add destructible objects later at some point. However these are very performance intensive, so we try to avoid them.

Will there be hoards and how will they be made?
There will be and you will need to gather a couple of resources to make one. After creating one you will have the option to upgrade it in two different ways: Increase its camouflage or make it more resistant to attacks, since they will be destructible. However, this is just the most basic storage system we have planned so far.

What will hunting and combat be like?
Each dragon will have a specific ability that will be helpful in combat and make your or your friends dragon life easier.
Every species will have it’s strengths and weaknesses, but we are trying to keep the characters balanced, e.g. Flying dragons will have a hard time to kill a Behemoth with ranged attacks. Hunting will depend on what animal your are trying to have for dinner. Not every creature will flee, if you attack it.

Which resources will there be?

There will be water and food as essential resources and a couple of others that will be needed to create objects and upgrade locations and items.

Will players be able to play as babies?
You will start as a young dragon/hatchling and grow with each level.

Can you carry objects?
Players will be able to loot food from corpses. We may add a feature that allows you to carry carcasses and even hatchlings.

Will there be nesting and what will it be like?
We are heavily working on the nesting mechanic at the moment, to make it challenging, but also fun. However, if you do everything right, you will have a new dragon hatchling as your follower.

Is Draconia an MMO?
We are aiming for a player count of 60 players per server. Private server hosts can increase this number. 60 is rather low compared to most known MMO’s. However it might still fall under this category for a lot of people.

When is the game coming out and will you need testers?
There is no release date so far. The game will need a longer testing phase, which we will announce, when it’s ready to be tested.
We will also look for testers as soon as it reaches said testing phase.

What are the requirements to become a tester?
We will look for players will low and mid end PC builds to test performance and the games minimum requirements. People with mid and high end builds will look for bugs and do general game play testing.
Our testers will need some experience in game testing and/or basic game development experience, which will make it easier for us to find the sources of bugs.
However there will be a phase, when we will need a lot of testers without any game dev or testing experience to test the performance on dedicated servers.

Will the game work on operating systems like Linux and MacOS?
There might be Linux/MacOS support in the future, but for now it will be Win 64 only.