Draconia Dev Blog #14

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since we have posted another dev blog.
We are, as always, super busy adding new content to Draconia.
We want to continue posting dev blogs, but to save valuable development time, they will be posted less frequently in the future.
A lot has happened since the last post, but we will try to include all the new major additions and changes we have made to the game over the last few months.

Character Models

For the initial release we have planned 6 main characters: The European Dragon, the Lindworm, the Wyvern, the Eastern Dragon, the Behemoth and the Quetzalcoatl.
In our last dev blog, the Behemoth model was still work in progress. So we are happy to announce the high poly model has been finished (above) as well as the models of the Quetz and Kirin (below).
When these characters will be playable is still open, but we plan on releasing the remaining characters in the following order: Eastern Dragon (currently being animated) > Wyvern > Behemoth > Quetz
Followed by the Kirin and the Longgui (Dragon Turtle).

The Kirin had a very horse-like look in the concept art. To make the dragon side of it more visible, it underwent some changes, especially around the head. While it is going to play a smaller role in the game, it will be one of the more visually outstanding characters and have a very metallic & shimmering texture.

Playable Characters

The Griffin has recently been added as new playable character.
The addition comes with a variety of customizable body parts like tails, extra wing feathers, ears and a couple of corvid beak variants. It also has a melee and a ranged attack. Latter is still work in progress and will get an overhaul in terms of animation and visual effects.

Next in line is the Eastern Dragon including its alternate furred model, which has been added by one of our generous backers.
Below you can see a first glimpse of its (very work in progress) idle animation.
Animating and implementing this dragon is going to be a rather difficult task, due to the rather short legs and the fact that it will float most of the time rather than touch the ground.

Mechanics & Other things

Now to the technical side of things!
Carrying items – We gave characters the ability to carry some items – mostly food. This has been a highly requested mechanic, but it will mainly keep a role-play value throughout the development of the game. Which items a creature can carry depends on the weight of the object, because we don’t want small hatchlings to be able to carry a piece of meat that is 3 times their size.

Smelling – If you are new to the game, you might have a hard time finding food. While you can eat player corpses, you might not want to kill your newly made friends and have to scavenge for other edibles.
Smelling highlights food in close proximity. This applies to dropped items as well as fixed food spawns.

Inventory – With the ability to carry items, we also added the inventory system, which has 3 slots by default. The amount of slots can be extended by adding (saddle) bags and other containers to your character, which you will later be able to get from NPC’s and through other tasks. These containers can be added to different parts of the body, which means you can have more than one.

Gathering – Materials can be acquired in several ways. The most common way is finding them lying around, but the quantity of such materials is usually pretty low. The easiest way to get larger amounts is by gathering them from deposits. Interacting with them will always give you a random amount of the most common materials you can usually get from them. Sometimes you will also get a rare item, which is typical for the type of deposit you are interacting with and in very rare cases you will also gather a completely different material. There are currently 8 types of deposits done, but more will be added as development goes on.

Copying & Sharing Characters – We made it easier for players to create duplicates of their characters or to share them with others.
All you have to do is to click on the “copy” icon in the character list and share the generated code. Note: Only the appearance of the character gets copied, not the progress!

Crafting – Something that is currently in the making is our crafting (creation) system, which allows your character to create new things, such as different types of stashes and other objects. While you can make some basic items on your own, you will mostly need the help of NPC’s to create something more complex, which a dragon would naturally be unable to make.

That’s it for dev blog #14 and we hope you like the new updates!
Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media, where we also post smaller additions to the game!

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See you next time!