Community Update #5

Hello everybody and happy new year!

We hope you had a good start into 2021. We have been taking a break from gamedev for a little while and are now back to being busy bees.
But before posting a new dev blog, we wanted to share more art with you, which as been created by our amazing community!

Griffin by Sevra
A Cheeky Vixen’s character drawn by Revintar
Ka’sai concepts by Nyer
Wyvern by Ramsey
More Wyvern art by Ramsey
Lindy by Peridoodle
Resting & Sleeping pose concepts by Orpan
Marble Skin by Xilev {GylFy}
Jungle Camo skin by Nyer
King Runner by MoodyLittleZephyr
Night Sky Shimmer by MoodyLittleZephyr
Techno Mimic by MoodyLittleZephyr
Tempest Fury by MoodyLittleZephyr
Starflight by Riju

We also want to take this opportunity to shoutout a small indie game called “Dragon Creek”, which is currently in the making. If you love pixel art and always wanted to raise your own dragon, you should totally go and check it out!

You can find them here:
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Discord –
Twitter –

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