Community Update #3

Hello everybody,

Welcome back to our community update!
Normally we would post a new dev blog at this point, but there are a few things we want to develop a little more before we include them in a new post.
In the meanwhile have a look at these new amazing creations from our community!

Lindworm by Ramsey

Lindworm by Ramsey
Golem sketch by Sevra
” When the tribe wants fish, but you only catch lungs” by Nyer
” The lad™️ from the sketch, he’s timid but a dreamer” by Nyer
Ka’sai facing the crystal disease by Nyer

Eastern Dragon by Ramsey

European Dragon & Wyvern Skins by ChunkHunko
Eastern Dragon Koi Skin by Skia
Wyvern Quail Skin by Peridoodle
Eastern Dragon Sakura Skin by Nyer
Eastern Dragon Skin by Water Nebula
Wyvern Skin by WestwardOvertune
Screenshot by N🐉kk
Screenshot by Peridoodle
Screenshot by Yeddy

That is it for the community update #3!
Let us know what you think!

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