Community Update #2

Hello everybody,

Welcome to our second community update!
It comes a little bit earlier than expected, because some community members have been really busy bees (or dragons in this case) during the last few weeks. So we want to dive right in and show you what has been created!

“Well, this piece was a lot of experimentation (and a lot of fun to make!). I was inspired by a post on Patreon about the European Dragon in its warm and cozy, scorched territory. I’m very excited to see this mechanic in action sometime in the future!” – ❆Winter❆
“Here is the European Dragon also know as “Vodros”. I like the accessory attachments you can put on the Dragon, it gives more depth for the dragon’s look!” – Rhaeloth
European Dragon by Ramsey
European Dragon by Ramsey
European Dragon by Ramsey
“They are called Hypnotic Stripe (wyvern) and stingray (European)
They are bright, colorful, yet still something I might expect to see on a dragon or wyvern if they were real.
I made them on a whim, and I wanted to make skins for Draconia, since I had failed countless times to please the community for Beasts of Bermuda. I have a passion for art, and all I really care about is that I had fun making art, and improvement isn’t very important to me like personal enjoyment is.
I believe that whoever sees my work gets to experience my world and my imagination for a moment, in the way I live in it every day.” – Peridoodle
“If the ka’sai could ever domesticate the wild griffins, this is what a house griff might look like.” Water Nebula
European Dragon by Ymedron
Screenshot by AyumiChi
Screenshot by Rhaeloth
Screenshot by Яeverse
Screenshot by Veenaza

That is it for the community update #2!
Let us know what you think!

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