Draconia Dev Blog #8

Hello everyone,

It is time for the next dev blog and we don’t want to waste any time, so we will get straight to the things we have been working on!

The Lindworm

The Lindworm’s default texture has been finished and it also received simple markings for the start, which can be customized just like the Lindworm’s body colors.
Together with the “starter set” comes a second pair of horns, which are longer and point forward like the second pair from the European dragon and an accessory set, which features a couple of green crystals on the Lindworm’s head and back.
We chose this set because the Lindworm is a creature that prefers to live underground in caves, where rare minerals and crystals can be found.

The Griffin

Work in progress high poly sculpture

Our second modeler has made a lot of progress on the Griffin. The high poly sculpture should be ready very soon and we are excited to finally start working on this character’s textures and animations and of course implementation.
We hope you like its appearance as much as we do!
( mmm crispy Griffin wings…)


Our programmer has been doing a lot of work on the movement and its replication, which means we have got a large part of the flying done. However it still needs polishing to look natural. Our latest addition is the ability to strafe, which we have shown in a short clip on Discord and social media only a few days ago.
It also features diving like birds of prey, but we will show off the whole (early) movement in a video and/or short stream as soon as it looks more polished and we feel like it is ready to be shown to the public.

The Ka’sai

The female Ka’sai (left and bottom) featuring the new pattern!

One of our most recent additions is the model of the female Ka’sai.
As we stated a while back, they will look only slightly different from the males. They are leaner and have a pointier head. Originally they were supposed to be shorter than their male counterparts, but after quite a few requests and suggestions from the community, we decided to make them taller.
Some of you might wonder “Why no breasts?”.
The answer is simple: Ka’sai are reptiles, so breasts would make no sense and wouldn’t have any purpose other than adding more visual difference between males and females.

We still like you, Argonians!

Instead of spending time on modeling reptilian melons, we gave the Ka’sai an additional texture, which is fully customizable while the original texture, we showed off before, was more meant to be a design for a specific character.

Level Art! Level Art everywhere!

We have done lots of work and rework on level art in the background and we still have a lot more to finish!
This mainly includes Ka’sai structures, which you will run into right from the start as well as parts for larger locations on the map.
Along with the things that “just look cool” we added the first objects, which allow us to add lore and quests, which are not being shared through NPC’s or other ways.
Below are just a few basic examples of items, that can either start quests or share stories, which you can read on a stormy night.
While the runes that are being used in the Ka’sai language are ready, we still need to do a lot of work on the language itself, which allows us to add more details to objects, such as scrolls and other items.
Don’t worry, you won’t have to translate quests or entire scrolls!

This is it for now and we hope you like the new additions and changes. More will follow soon!

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Thank you for reading and – of course – your support!