The Indiegogo campaign ended. What comes next?

Hello everyone!

The Indiegogo campaign ended and we raised 23,042USD which is 30% of the amount we were aiming for!
Even though we didn’t reach our goal, the achieved amount is a huge help and the development of the game can and will continue as planned. The majority of the money will go towards programming to make sure the essential part of the game is being taken care of, since art assets, sounds and music can easily be replaced later.
Everything else is being self-funded and paid for through our Patreon. We added the majority of our Indiegogo perks to our Patreon page so people can still support us and claim some of the custom rewards, which remained at the end of the campaign.

Backers who have chosen the Storyteller perk or higher should have gotten an email from us earlier. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox!
Adult perk backers will receive an email once the pre-alpha version is available. We can’t give out an exact date when that will happen, but we will send the keys out as soon as possible. Game mechanics and performance will need testing and having a large group of people help us test these things will make the development a lot easier, since we can find and take care of bugs early on.
Juvenile Tier backers will receive their keys a few days before full release to make sure everyone has the game in their library on release day.

The next days will be spent on necessary paperwork and preparations as well as planning.
After that we will start doing a major re-code of the game to have a solid foundation to build on and work on the custom backer tiers to be able to add these to the game as soon as possible.

Thank you everyone SO MUCH for the support!
Not only financially, but also for sharing this project with others, participating on our social media, chatting on Discord and just generally leaving feedback!
The community has grown quite a lot over the last few months and despite the larger numbers there is still a lot of positivity going around and we hope we can keep it that way.
Having a community that is interested in the game’s success and keeping up the good vibes is just as important as developing the game.

We are looking forward to making this game a reality and sharing the progress with you!

– The Draconia Dev Team