Draconia Dev Blog #6

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since we posted a dev blog and quite a few things have happened in the meantime.

Our Indiegogo campaign launched a little over a month ago and we still have more than 3 weeks left.
At this point we want to give a huge THANK YOU for the amazing support so far. Not only on Indiegogo but also on Patreon. Some people even decided to support us on both platforms!
There have been a couple of questions regarding the campaign. Mainly: “What will happen, if the campaign does not get fully funded?”
The current amount that is coming in through Indiegogo alone already covers a large, essential part of the development.
Once the campaign is over we will add the same/remaining perks to our Patreon page, which will allow people to back the game through PayPal since Indiegogo doesn’t have that option.
A large part of the project will also be self-funded, which mainly includes 2D & 3D art.
So no matter how the campaign ends, the game will be made!

If you are considering supporting us financially:
Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/draconiagame
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/draconiagame

If you have backed our Indiegogo make sure to DM a screenshot of your backer ID to a moderator or community manager to receive your Discord role!

Lindworm High Poly Model

The Lindworm
The high poly model of the Lindworm has been finished. The Lindworm is the second main character and the first flightless dragon, which is being made for the game.
It may seem weak, but its venom is strong and the ability to burrow into the ground will give it cover when it is needed the most. However it won’t be able to stay underground forever.
The next steps will be the creation of the game ready model as well as textures, more customizable body parts and concepts for our animator since this creature will be rather tricky to animate due to the unusual anatomy.
The next dragon to be made will be the Eastern Dragon, which focuses on supporting and healing other characters.

Character Concepts
We revealed a couple of character concepts over the last few months without any clues about who they are or if they will even be playable.
We still won’t mention any names, but we can tell you this much: These characters will be very important to the story of the game and eventually be playable after completing certain parts of the story line.

More about the Ka’sai
While our dragons still get the most of our attention, we also made some progress on the texture of our main character Taruk (NPC). It is still open when the model will be rigged and animated, but due to the large amount of variation in terms of patterns & body parts it is quite important to work on this early.
The world of Draconia will be inhabited by different Ka’sai clans. Some of them might live in the same village and hunt together but you will be able to tell them apart by their horn shapes and other custom body parts. Some will have horns that look a lot like antlers, others will have horns which are rather slim and pointy.
Each clan is also focused on certain professions and skills and will mainly consist of characters with the ability to create healing items, weapons/armor or the talent to hunt creatures.

The complexity and intensity of a Ka’sai’s pattern and coloration depends on it’s age, gender and health. Younger males have the most detailed patterns and flashiest colors. Sickness and old age result in a rather pale or dark coloration.
Herbalists are experienced in creating strong medicine, which can heal deep wounds, negative status effects and also apply temporary buffs to a player.
Blacksmiths are masters in creating weapons and armor or just simple tools.
Ka’Sai Hunter bows with visual effect upgrades. Weapons can be improved by skilled blacksmiths.

Plants, plants and…plants!
Draconia will have a large variation of custom plants and mushrooms with different purposes.
While most of them will be collected by players, a small selection will act as natural traps and be especially dangerous to young and small creatures.
These plants are currently inspired by real life carnivorous species, but since it will be mostly players the plants are hungering for, we will also add more creative traps to make the environment more dangerous.
As the character’s level increases, most of these green meat-eaters will become less dangerous, but not entirely harmless.
*adds Lego shaped plant*

First basic concepts

What is coming next?
While we work on the things mentioned above, we are also preparing for the end of the campaign and the beginning of the recode of the current build as well as signing important contracts, which will make sure the game’s most basic needs are covered during and after the development process.

Our Role-Play Moderators on Discord are also working on a little surprise for everyone, that has been active in the role-play section of the dev Discord.

Come and chat with us: https://discord.gg/Bhx4F8M