Draconia Dev Blog #3

Hello everyone

Thank you for all the feedback on our Discord server over the last couple of weeks. We have added a couple of your suggestions to our to-do list, some landed in the “maybe” section, but your input has been very helpful and we hope we can make Draconia an enjoyable experience for everyone.

More Eggs & Nests
The eggs of our dragons have been getting a lot of love during the last weeks. The eggs of the Quetzalcoatl and the European dragon have been completed, while the Lindworm nest got a small visual overhaul to look more appealing.
The appearance of the Aztec god’s egg is rather odd compared to the rest of the eggs we finished so far. It got a very bright sun-like shine, since Quetzalcoatl often gets described as “the new sun” (or earlier “son of the sun”) and will also be of the “light” element.
The egg of the European dragon is also quite shiny, but not as hot as the sun. It earned it’s fiery appearance through the stories around the European dragons and their connection to hell or rather the magma moving inside the earth. But, don’t worry, that does not make our six-limbed children evil.

Lindworm & The Burrow
We have been starting to work on the Lindworm model to have a dragon that is unable to fly as the next character in the game. We will feature the model in a future dev blog once we have made more progress. However the burrow of our flightless reptile has been completed. Since it is the weakest dragon in the game, it will get a special ability, which allows it to temporarily escape from attackers, if there is no other way out. This feature will undergo a lot of tweaking, because we don’t want Lindworm players to be immortal or always be able to escape from fights.

Animations & Fire Breath Attacks
Our animator has been quite busy, but is currently working on the European dragon animations. We have shown a few of them on our social media already, but they all are still work in progress, so expect some updated animations some time next month.

One thing we really enjoyed playing around with is the fire breath attack, which is still a work in progress.
We plan on making different attack variations, including spitting fire balls for those who don’t want to replay the end of Game of Thrones and burn everyone and everything in their path. (It is really satisfying though!)

Dragon Dens
A highly requested feature that we started to work on is the dragon den. Only the owner and their friends will be able to enter the den, granted they are not in combat and have actually unlocked them. Since they will come with their own indestructible storage room for materials and food, they will require quite a bit of work to be unlocked. They will also feature a couple of trophy spots and a few other things that will make your dragon life easier.

We hope you like the new things we are working on and are looking forward to reading more of your suggestions and ideas on Discord: