Community Update #4

Hello everybody!

Welcome back to our long overdue community update!
We have been super busy working on the game and some of you have been busy bees as well and created new amazing fan art and skins.

by Sevra
by Sevra
by Sevra
by Ramsey
by Ramsey
by Ramsey
by Water Nebula
by WithoutRhymeOrReason
by Ymedron
by dransnake
by Nyer
by Nyer
by Tundra Hunter
by Zeeko
by head full, many thoughts
by Piinnu

Thank you for checking out the community update #4 and all these new amazing creations!

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Draconia Dev Blog #10

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to our dev blog.
Quite a few things have happened since we released the character customization and our pre-release players have created a lot of amazing looking characters already.
If you want to see a few of them, you should keep an eye on our Community Updates!

Character Customization

A lot has happened on the character customization side.
Until recently players had to create a new character every time they wanted to play, which was sometimes a bit annoying. So we added character saving earlier than planned and allowed them to save an unlimited amount of characters(for now).
The list will later also show the characters species and current level, which will make it easier to keep track of each characters progress.

Screenshot by SpookyCherry

Players can also finally give their dragons custom names.
The names between a players characters have to be unique, but they can still have the same name as other players.
While this most likely won’t change for single-player mode and listen servers, it will change for dedicated servers, which means players can’t use a character name that has already been taken by someone else on the same server. However the chance of a character name already being locked is extremely low since the restriction is only tied to that one specific server the character has been created on.

The character name as well as the players Steam name appear above the model in-game, visible to every other player in a specific radius.
Later it will also show a players clan and title in the name tag once these things have been added to the game.

Screenshot by Dragonychus

Due to popular demand, we also added customizable accessories together with more customization options in one of our most recent patches.
Each accessory can now be given custom colors, because sometimes you just want your flower crown to look more Metal.

Character Models

If you have kept an eye on our social media, you might have already discovered the Eastern Dragon model or rather a work in progress version of it.
Lenar has been doing a lot of work on it recently and we are looking forward to the final result even though it won’t be in for a while due to the Lindworm being next on the playable creatures list.

Work in progress Eastern Dragon (Yamati)

Some of you have been asking us to give the skin of the Eastern dragon a shimmering effect.
You asked and we will deliver!
The effect will be customizable and allow players to choose up to 3 different colors.
Below is an example on the European dragon featuring 2 colors.

The second model we have been working on is not a main character, but a good boy…ahem…(playable) wildlife creature: The Drake.
It is currently missing the plates on the head and the back as well as the tail from the concept art. All these parts will be customizable, which means you can expect regional variations of this little guy.

Work in progress Drake model

All the other cool things

Not so long ago we welcomed AshesDrawn as a new artist to our team, who will work on a couple of Illustrations for the game.
Here is a work in progress image of the first illustration they are currently working on, showing the European dragon and the Lindworm, which will be the next addition to the game.

You can occasionally catch Ashes streaming on Twitch:
Don’t forget to bring good vibes and dragons!

And last but not least: New features!
Even though we just added a simple in-game chat, we are moving away from the current version of Draconia being a walking & chat simulator by adding stats like health, hunger, thirst, stamina and so on.
Some of you might remember the old HUD element for these stats.
We scrapped it due to it being too distracting and started working on something new that covers all our needs without being too immersion breaking.
15 concepts later we came up with the version below, which will be at the bottom of the screen. It is still unfinished, but you can probably already see what we are going for.
The 6 slots at the top will show the characters 2 main skills (center), which are tied to LMB & RMB as well as a couple of other abilities, which are bound to the number keys (left and right).
The next row shows the mana, energy, health, thirst and hunger bars, while the bar at the bottom shows the amount of experience you need to reach the next level.
Buffs and de-buffs will be displayed on the left and right side of the character skills.
Some of these elements might change depending on player response.

Work in progress stats HUD element

That is it for this dev blog and we hope you enjoyed the read.

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See you next time!

Community Update #3

Hello everybody,

Welcome back to our community update!
Normally we would post a new dev blog at this point, but there are a few things we want to develop a little more before we include them in a new post.
In the meanwhile have a look at these new amazing creations from our community!

Lindworm by Ramsey

Lindworm by Ramsey
Golem sketch by Sevra
” When the tribe wants fish, but you only catch lungs” by Nyer
” The lad™️ from the sketch, he’s timid but a dreamer” by Nyer
Ka’sai facing the crystal disease by Nyer

Eastern Dragon by Ramsey

European Dragon & Wyvern Skins by ChunkHunko
Eastern Dragon Koi Skin by Skia
Wyvern Quail Skin by Peridoodle
Eastern Dragon Sakura Skin by Nyer
Eastern Dragon Skin by Water Nebula
Wyvern Skin by WestwardOvertune
Screenshot by N🐉kk
Screenshot by Peridoodle
Screenshot by Yeddy

That is it for the community update #3!
Let us know what you think!

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Community Update #2

Hello everybody,

Welcome to our second community update!
It comes a little bit earlier than expected, because some community members have been really busy bees (or dragons in this case) during the last few weeks. So we want to dive right in and show you what has been created!

“Well, this piece was a lot of experimentation (and a lot of fun to make!). I was inspired by a post on Patreon about the European Dragon in its warm and cozy, scorched territory. I’m very excited to see this mechanic in action sometime in the future!” – ❆Winter❆
“Here is the European Dragon also know as “Vodros”. I like the accessory attachments you can put on the Dragon, it gives more depth for the dragon’s look!” – Rhaeloth
European Dragon by Ramsey
European Dragon by Ramsey
European Dragon by Ramsey
“They are called Hypnotic Stripe (wyvern) and stingray (European)
They are bright, colorful, yet still something I might expect to see on a dragon or wyvern if they were real.
I made them on a whim, and I wanted to make skins for Draconia, since I had failed countless times to please the community for Beasts of Bermuda. I have a passion for art, and all I really care about is that I had fun making art, and improvement isn’t very important to me like personal enjoyment is.
I believe that whoever sees my work gets to experience my world and my imagination for a moment, in the way I live in it every day.” – Peridoodle
“If the ka’sai could ever domesticate the wild griffins, this is what a house griff might look like.” Water Nebula
European Dragon by Ymedron
Screenshot by AyumiChi
Screenshot by Rhaeloth
Screenshot by Яeverse
Screenshot by Veenaza

That is it for the community update #2!
Let us know what you think!

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Draconia Dev Blog #9

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to our new dev blog.
This one is going to be a rather short one since we have been mainly working on level art/design and character customization which we will be talking about in this dev blog.

Note: All features we will show you are work in progress. The customization will undergo bug fixing and polishing work like everything else we are working on.

Default character without any customized parts.

When it came to the character customization we didn’t just want to add a variety of pre-made skins for each character but to allow players to customize them to their liking.
While pre-made skins can look cool, they don’t give the owner the “I made this :)” feeling (100 points if you get the reference). Even just changing a couple of colors on a character can make it look unique and give the player the feeling of having something special.

To make it easier for you to see which section you are currently changing we added highlights which make them flash up in a dark green.
Highlights won’t affect the colors you are choosing for that specific part of the skin.

There are no limits on which colors you can select for your character. We understand that not everyone wants to see dragons in bright and flashy colors but limiting players to a small set of “natural” options is a huge restriction in our book.
Instead we hope private server hosts will enforce a “only dark colors” rule.

While editing colors is pretty neat, changing body parts such as the horns and tail tips (and more if available!) of your characters adds a more unique aspect to the customization.
We have already added a small variety of horns and a tail tip option for the European Dragon but more parts will be added over time since body parts are a thing to work on in-between all the other major tasks.

Another little feature we added is the option to choose between different animations for preview purposes.
While the dragon has its wings folded in the idle state, you can’t see the patterns on the underside.
To fix this issue we added a couple of animations which make them visible. However we will add a special animation in the near future which will properly display all sections that can be edited on your character.

The third customization option is “Accessories”.
Accessories are objects that are not natural body parts. They can be masks, costumes and other cosmetics without any special purpose.
If you backed the Custom Tier on Indiegogo or Patreon, which included a custom accessory, you will be able to find it here!
Some backer items will already be included in the next patch of the pre-release version, which will be released once we have added the option to switch between patterns and have pushed the character customization through the first bug grinder.

That is all for today’s dev blog. The level design part will be included in a future blog when more progress has been made. We hope you like the character customization so far and are as excited for it as we are!

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Thank you for reading and your support!

Community Update #1

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our first community update!
Ever since we announced “Draconia” there have been talented community members creating fan art and clips to pass the waiting time and we thought their work deserves more attention.

The new community updates will feature fan art, videos, screenshots and other content created by our fans.

If you made something yourself and want to share it, feel free to reach out to us on Discord, Twitter or Reddit!

“European Dragon” by ❆Winter❆
“Draconia People” by Nyer
“Festive Gift” by SerosTheDragon
“Crystal Disease” by Nyerske
Fan skin by Shadowthorn15
“Glowstone Wyvern” by Ramsey
Fan skin by Nyer
Screenshot by Rifty
Screenshot by !Torkai
Screenshot by Datlen Ohana
Video by TNT Dragon and Veenaza

As always: Thank you for reading! See you next time!

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Draconia Dev Blog #8

Hello everyone,

It is time for the next dev blog and we don’t want to waste any time, so we will get straight to the things we have been working on!

The Lindworm

The Lindworm’s default texture has been finished and it also received simple markings for the start, which can be customized just like the Lindworm’s body colors.
Together with the “starter set” comes a second pair of horns, which are longer and point forward like the second pair from the European dragon and an accessory set, which features a couple of green crystals on the Lindworm’s head and back.
We chose this set because the Lindworm is a creature that prefers to live underground in caves, where rare minerals and crystals can be found.

The Griffin

Work in progress high poly sculpture

Our second modeler has made a lot of progress on the Griffin. The high poly sculpture should be ready very soon and we are excited to finally start working on this character’s textures and animations and of course implementation.
We hope you like its appearance as much as we do!
( mmm crispy Griffin wings…)


Our programmer has been doing a lot of work on the movement and its replication, which means we have got a large part of the flying done. However it still needs polishing to look natural. Our latest addition is the ability to strafe, which we have shown in a short clip on Discord and social media only a few days ago.
It also features diving like birds of prey, but we will show off the whole (early) movement in a video and/or short stream as soon as it looks more polished and we feel like it is ready to be shown to the public.

The Ka’sai

The female Ka’sai (left and bottom) featuring the new pattern!

One of our most recent additions is the model of the female Ka’sai.
As we stated a while back, they will look only slightly different from the males. They are leaner and have a pointier head. Originally they were supposed to be shorter than their male counterparts, but after quite a few requests and suggestions from the community, we decided to make them taller.
Some of you might wonder “Why no breasts?”.
The answer is simple: Ka’sai are reptiles, so breasts would make no sense and wouldn’t have any purpose other than adding more visual difference between males and females.

We still like you, Argonians!

Instead of spending time on modeling reptilian melons, we gave the Ka’sai an additional texture, which is fully customizable while the original texture, we showed off before, was more meant to be a design for a specific character.

Level Art! Level Art everywhere!

We have done lots of work and rework on level art in the background and we still have a lot more to finish!
This mainly includes Ka’sai structures, which you will run into right from the start as well as parts for larger locations on the map.
Along with the things that “just look cool” we added the first objects, which allow us to add lore and quests, which are not being shared through NPC’s or other ways.
Below are just a few basic examples of items, that can either start quests or share stories, which you can read on a stormy night.
While the runes that are being used in the Ka’sai language are ready, we still need to do a lot of work on the language itself, which allows us to add more details to objects, such as scrolls and other items.
Don’t worry, you won’t have to translate quests or entire scrolls!

This is it for now and we hope you like the new additions and changes. More will follow soon!

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Thank you for reading and – of course – your support!

Draconia Dev Blog #7

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all doing well in this difficult time!
While a lot of people are stuck in quarantine and are financially struggling, most of us are luckily able to continue our work on the game.

A few months have passed since the last dev blog and quite a few things have been announced on our Discord and social media since, so we will try to summarize everything as much as we can!

A new playable creature: The Griffin

Due to a super generous pledge, we can confirm a new playable species for the game: The Griffin.
The backer asked for a corvid-jaguar hybrid and we settled for a default piebald pattern for the wings and head to add more detail to the character. Of course you will be able to customize it just like the dragon characters! While griffins are a rather unusual addition to the game, they will still get their own little place in the lore!

Foliage and unique carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plant in the second picture: Muscuela
Carnivorous plant in the third picture: Drosdaria

We added new foliage to our game, to make it look less dark and to be able to add more biomes, which can still blend into each other without looking too different or off. Some aspects still need tweaking, but we are quite happy with the look so far.
While the new trees don’t have any specific functions, the new carnivorous plants will be intractable and natural traps for smaller creatures. In some cases they will even be a source for materials, if you carefully approach them. Of course not all of them will be in such obvious spots!

Character Customization

Bone Accessory Set

One of the first things that will be added after the games recode is the character customization.
A few backer accessories have already been finished right after the Indiegogo campaign ended and we recently added our own cosmetic set for the European dragon. While the set looks like some kind of armor, it won’t add any extra points to your characters stats.
Together with the bone set, we did some major work on our character shader to support markings, different patterns and color customization! While we heard your concerns, that the full spectrum of colors might ruin the immersion of players, we don’t like putting a limit on it, because some players want to recreate their own original characters in-game and they don’t always have natural or dark colors.

Eastern Dragon

Default Eastern Dragon model (work in progress)

The addition of the Eastern dragon is still far away, but some work on the model has already been done. While we try to keep the classic characteristics of these dragons, some parts have been and will be altered a little bit more to make it a believable, living creature and not something that has been taken out of a traditional painting.
On top of that another one of our backers decided to back the “A New Look” perk and choose to add a furry version of the Eastern Dragon.
The character has been designed after the backers wishes, however some small parts of the concept might still change until we actually start working on it.

Eastern Dragon Alternative Version

Rework, Rework, Rework…

While we continue to make new additions to the game, we also keep reviewing the things we have already made and try to improve them.
Our main focus is currently directed towards the animations of the European Dragon and the wing position (yes, we have seen your comments) since we are working on the movement part of the recode.
Below is an example of what we are aiming for. While the old wing position blocked the view on targets in front of the character, this version allows players to move the camera around and still have a clear sight on what they are about to attack. Since full folding isn’t doable due to clipping issues, this way of folding them is a good compromise and also more natural looking.

A smaller change has been made to the concept of the Kirin.
We improved its anatomy and also designed a possible regional version, since this character will be ones of the most common creatures. It also got a tail, but we still want to add the short variation as customization option.

Draconia on Steam

Our Steam store page is now live and you can wishlist the game.
Screenshots, videos and requirements are going to change as the game is being worked on.
Once it releases, you will get a notification that it is available for purchase.

If you backed the game on Indiegogo you don’t need to do anything. Just keep an eye on your emails!
Pre-release backers will get access to the build as soon as the movement and customization system have been worked on.

That is it for now. We hope we can show off the new movement in the next dev blog and maybe even portions of the customization system.

Thank you for reading!
Come and chat with us:

The Indiegogo campaign ended. What comes next?

Hello everyone!

The Indiegogo campaign ended and we raised 23,042USD which is 30% of the amount we were aiming for!
Even though we didn’t reach our goal, the achieved amount is a huge help and the development of the game can and will continue as planned. The majority of the money will go towards programming to make sure the essential part of the game is being taken care of, since art assets, sounds and music can easily be replaced later.
Everything else is being self-funded and paid for through our Patreon. We added the majority of our Indiegogo perks to our Patreon page so people can still support us and claim some of the custom rewards, which remained at the end of the campaign.

Backers who have chosen the Storyteller perk or higher should have gotten an email from us earlier. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox!
Adult perk backers will receive an email once the pre-alpha version is available. We can’t give out an exact date when that will happen, but we will send the keys out as soon as possible. Game mechanics and performance will need testing and having a large group of people help us test these things will make the development a lot easier, since we can find and take care of bugs early on.
Juvenile Tier backers will receive their keys a few days before full release to make sure everyone has the game in their library on release day.

The next days will be spent on necessary paperwork and preparations as well as planning.
After that we will start doing a major re-code of the game to have a solid foundation to build on and work on the custom backer tiers to be able to add these to the game as soon as possible.

Thank you everyone SO MUCH for the support!
Not only financially, but also for sharing this project with others, participating on our social media, chatting on Discord and just generally leaving feedback!
The community has grown quite a lot over the last few months and despite the larger numbers there is still a lot of positivity going around and we hope we can keep it that way.
Having a community that is interested in the game’s success and keeping up the good vibes is just as important as developing the game.

We are looking forward to making this game a reality and sharing the progress with you!

– The Draconia Dev Team 

Draconia Dev Blog #6

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since we posted a dev blog and quite a few things have happened in the meantime.

Our Indiegogo campaign launched a little over a month ago and we still have more than 3 weeks left.
At this point we want to give a huge THANK YOU for the amazing support so far. Not only on Indiegogo but also on Patreon. Some people even decided to support us on both platforms!
There have been a couple of questions regarding the campaign. Mainly: “What will happen, if the campaign does not get fully funded?”
The current amount that is coming in through Indiegogo alone already covers a large, essential part of the development.
Once the campaign is over we will add the same/remaining perks to our Patreon page, which will allow people to back the game through PayPal since Indiegogo doesn’t have that option.
A large part of the project will also be self-funded, which mainly includes 2D & 3D art.
So no matter how the campaign ends, the game will be made!

If you are considering supporting us financially:

If you have backed our Indiegogo make sure to DM a screenshot of your backer ID to a moderator or community manager to receive your Discord role!

Lindworm High Poly Model

The Lindworm
The high poly model of the Lindworm has been finished. The Lindworm is the second main character and the first flightless dragon, which is being made for the game.
It may seem weak, but its venom is strong and the ability to burrow into the ground will give it cover when it is needed the most. However it won’t be able to stay underground forever.
The next steps will be the creation of the game ready model as well as textures, more customizable body parts and concepts for our animator since this creature will be rather tricky to animate due to the unusual anatomy.
The next dragon to be made will be the Eastern Dragon, which focuses on supporting and healing other characters.

Character Concepts
We revealed a couple of character concepts over the last few months without any clues about who they are or if they will even be playable.
We still won’t mention any names, but we can tell you this much: These characters will be very important to the story of the game and eventually be playable after completing certain parts of the story line.

More about the Ka’sai
While our dragons still get the most of our attention, we also made some progress on the texture of our main character Taruk (NPC). It is still open when the model will be rigged and animated, but due to the large amount of variation in terms of patterns & body parts it is quite important to work on this early.
The world of Draconia will be inhabited by different Ka’sai clans. Some of them might live in the same village and hunt together but you will be able to tell them apart by their horn shapes and other custom body parts. Some will have horns that look a lot like antlers, others will have horns which are rather slim and pointy.
Each clan is also focused on certain professions and skills and will mainly consist of characters with the ability to create healing items, weapons/armor or the talent to hunt creatures.

The complexity and intensity of a Ka’sai’s pattern and coloration depends on it’s age, gender and health. Younger males have the most detailed patterns and flashiest colors. Sickness and old age result in a rather pale or dark coloration.
Herbalists are experienced in creating strong medicine, which can heal deep wounds, negative status effects and also apply temporary buffs to a player.
Blacksmiths are masters in creating weapons and armor or just simple tools.
Ka’Sai Hunter bows with visual effect upgrades. Weapons can be improved by skilled blacksmiths.

Plants, plants and…plants!
Draconia will have a large variation of custom plants and mushrooms with different purposes.
While most of them will be collected by players, a small selection will act as natural traps and be especially dangerous to young and small creatures.
These plants are currently inspired by real life carnivorous species, but since it will be mostly players the plants are hungering for, we will also add more creative traps to make the environment more dangerous.
As the character’s level increases, most of these green meat-eaters will become less dangerous, but not entirely harmless.
*adds Lego shaped plant*

First basic concepts

What is coming next?
While we work on the things mentioned above, we are also preparing for the end of the campaign and the beginning of the recode of the current build as well as signing important contracts, which will make sure the game’s most basic needs are covered during and after the development process.

Our Role-Play Moderators on Discord are also working on a little surprise for everyone, that has been active in the role-play section of the dev Discord.

Come and chat with us: